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Haters Hate and That’s Okay

You ask someone what they think of your idea and they tell you it will never work.

Haters Hate and That’s Okay

You try to get backers and they tell you that you don’t have enough experience.

You tell your brother-in-law you’re going to work from home and he snorts at you in derision and proceeds to make fun of you 24/7.

Let it go. Just let it all go and focus on what you’re doing.

Be so dedicated to the mission of your business that nothing can stop you from making your dream a reality.

The best revenge over people who say you don’t have what it takes is to prove them massively wrong.

Stop Being a Critic - Start Being a Creator

Now get back to creating your next awesome project! The world needs the truly unique value that you bring to it!


Beware: FOMO Ends a Lot of Online Careers Before they Start

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is the main reason aspiring online marketers buy 43 different online programs on how to start a business. They are continuously afraid they’re going to miss out on something great.

Beware: FOMO Ends a Lot of Online Careers Before they Start

But because they have this fear, they are forever chasing the next, latest great thing.

To be successful in anything, you need focus more than anything else.

Do one or two things really, really well and you can make a fortune.

Do 100 things in a mediocre fashion and you’ll forever be broke.

So if you’ve started an online business, give it 100% and do everything you can to grow successful with it for at least 6 months. If after that period of time, you haven’t been able to succeed, honestly re-evaluate your situation and decide whether it was the business the failed, or your ability to do what was necessary to succeed.

In this case, by giving it your all and staying focused, you will at a minimum have gained many new skills and wisdom that you can apply to your next endeavor. Also, you will have identified true strengths and weaknesses in business models and yourself that you can apply to your next venture, if you need one at all.

There are many turn-key online businesses that are very reliable, and do work if you will maintain the focus and effort required to turn that business into a success for yourself. If you are driven by FOMO, you will be forever pulled into half-starts and unfulfilled dreams.

Keep this in mind, and do everything you can to succeed in the business that you are already in, before turning your attention toward anything else. Far to many would-be successful entrepreneurs quit and start something else, when if they just stuck with it, they would have been able to succeed in this business that they were already building.

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