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Start a Home Biz and Have Fun Making Money

You can have serious fun making money on different levels. There is the fun that comes from doing something gratifying and maybe learning something new. Then there is the real fun that comes when you actually start earning money. Very encouraging to bank your first check and this will help to keep you motivated, knowing it really is possible. Then of course is the fun of spending the money on something you really want or need.

money is fun

It does however even with all of this hilarious fun require a certain mindset to be able to work in your ‘spare time’ consistently. If you don’t look at it like more ‘work’ but instead a new hobby (the making money hobby), it won’t get to be drudgery. The mere fact that you are working from home in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere (at least compared to a job) will go a long way to help it seem enjoyable and something you look forward to.

It is very possible once you have done your initial implementation and have everything running, to relax and look at it passively. With an online business things do run automatically once you get them all set up. You do not need to be on your website to make a sale or be at the beck and call of everybody who might email you (although it is a nice touch if you respond to your prospects and customers within a reasonable amount of time).

So with everything running and having all your bases covered, you can slack off a little, spend some time with your family, get some fresh air and exercise – you know – live. Don’t get the mistaken idea that having your own home business is like a job at all. You are responsible to yourself. By extension then you are responsible to your customers. This is on your terms and hopefully you will value it all enough to be professional.

As long as you look at your business as a priority and are sure everything is covered, then you are free to do whatever else you want. You don’t have to wait for ‘lunch hour’ or ‘break time’ – You can work your own hours and take a day off here and there whenever you feel like it. So this is another sense where this can really be fun!


Pay Attention to Details When Shopping for a New Income Stream

Details are actually very important. Many people look at the ‘big picture’ and that is all they seem to be concerned with. Certainly this a very important place as well as it may include your mid-range and long-term plans for the future.

pay attention

However a good example of why details are important might be given with computer instructions. Say you have a list of steps that you need to go through to get somewhere in a program. 99% of the time if you miss a step nothing will look as it is described. It can be as simple as hitting a [carriage return] as part of a step. The point is you are stuck and cannot go on.

This is no doubt frustrating and someone may be feeling (and actually is) completely lost. The only way out is to stop everything, and restart the process from the very beginning. Now you would try to follow along and don’t miss anything this time. Or you may just be able to back out using your [back] arrow button. Sometimes that works but many times it doesn’t for security reasons.

So now applying this to shopping for a possible new stream of income (program, product or service) to add to your ‘portfolio’. Wouldn’t it be awful to believe that the commission you will receive is $10 and then a month or two down the line when the first commission comes, it is actually $1? You might just throw your hands up and say ‘oh well’. However in reality the small commission may have influenced your decision to even get involved with the program. But you had overlooked that detail.

It is much better to know all the facts up in front and even to confirm them. You can start with the website or advertisement and thoroughly read it. If it has ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) do take the time to browse through it as you may learn something. If the website has other help documentation be sure to read anything you can there as well.

If you have any questions that are not answered, or that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to contact their support or helpdesk. It is actually best to contact the company directly for any questions. The ‘sponsor’ is just the person whose ad you responded to and they may or may not respond to an email or even know the correct answer. So save yourself time and get the real story directly from the program itself.


Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained – Start a Home Business

Are you someone who is not really happy with the status quo but you are not quite sure how to get around it? It’s really very simple. It just takes some initiative and motivation. You have the motivation in that you are not happy with the way things are or at least wish they could be different. If you focus on that it will compel you to take action after a while.

nothing ventured nothing gained

You do need to build on this and as you progress you will think of more aspects to feel motivated about. For example maybe to begin with you just wish you had more money and felt more challenged in what you do for a living. Down the line you may be more specific in that for example you wish you had more money so you could have the down payment to buy a new car, or some other desire you may have had for a while.

As for the challenged part this is more intangible than money but it is still important to your mindset. If you really feel that you could be accomplishing more than you do – then you can make it happen. If you are not feeling challenged then you are likely bored and feel like you are in a rut. This can really lead to depression year after year and affect other aspects of your life.

It is not likely your employer has any interest in giving you more interesting and challenging work to do unless there is an actual promotion in position someday. Of course you would always hope for that and strive to shine so that you may be considered for that new situation should it arise. This however may or may not ever happen, and there are a lot of ifs, ands, or buts if it ever does. In the meantime you are getting more and more disenchanted with your lot.

So this is where the initiative comes in to play. You need to just simply take action. There is nothing and nobody stopping you from starting your own part-time home business. You will have fun and feel challenged if you don’t mind a little extra work. You will make your ‘spare’ time productive and have a feeling of gratification that you have accomplished something.

So next time you come home from the hamster wheel (j-o-b) boot your computer up and start researching ‘online businesses’, ‘home businesses’ and ‘work from home’. You will see thousands of suggestions and you should take some time for a few days to read things and visit sites so that you have some ideas about what you might do to start a business. Then DO IT!

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